You Can Home School Your Child

Teaching your child from home or home schooling has many advantages. Classrooms in public schools average 30 to 40 students making it difficult for children to get the personal time and attention they really need. By home schooling your child, you can give them that personal time and actually nurture them as they learn.

Does your child have a tendency to daydream? Is your child struggling with 7 X 7 or 5 X 5? With home schooling, you can discover your child’s learning abilities and then help them in the areas where they need it most. You can also help your child stay focused, on task and assist in moving them forward with concepts they more quickly understand. With home schooling, no one child has to wait for the rest of the class to master a concept.

Parents and children who home school also have the ease of a flexible schedule. Imagine clearing the breakfast table and then settling down for a math lesson. The child doesn’t have to rush to get to a public school and can have more sleep time. Adequate rest can help a child be more attentive to their lessons. Less transportation stress can provide a better start to the school day. Parents save on driving time and can schedule their child’s lessons around doctor’s appointments, and special interest classes like dance, or karate.

As your child’s teacher, you can also provide more positive learning experiences. Children can get bored just sitting in a classroom trying to learn from a book. You can provide nature walks and trips to interesting museums. You can also provide more hands-on-learning experiences. Many children would enjoy constructing a home-made volcano and watching it erupt more than learning about the eruption process using only a book. Using your kitchen, you can go the extra mile and show your child that learning can be fun!

Parents who are considering home schooling often wonder “Where do I begin?” The best place to begin is within your own state. Home schooling is legal in all fifty states. The internet makes it easy to establish what your state laws are. You can find many state forms online. For information on state home schooling laws see the link below.

Home School Legal Legal information on home schooling laws by state.

You will also want to consider which teaching method best suits your preferences and your child’s needs. You can do unit studies with everything revolving around a theme, like Egypt. You can also include your family’s religious beliefs as part of your child’s education. You can choose the teaching method which will help you teach your child effectively. You can find more information on home schooling and teaching methods at the link below.

Home Educate Good information on home schooling and the different teaching methods.

Choosing a good curriculum that doesn’t cost a small fortune is also important. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from and through the internet, you can investigate curriculum and online academies at your leisure. Some school districts actually contract with online academies to offer FREE home schooling. The connections academy is a free online program that is offered to the residents of the state of Minnesota. The K-12 academy is another such online organization that is offered through districts in Utah and Idaho. The K-12 academy provides textbooks, note pads, testing assessment, and lots of fun learning materials. And it’s all free of charge!

Another important aspect of home school curriculum is making sure that you have a support system. Many online academies offer back up teacher support for those times when a parent is struggling to teach a particular concept. Parental support groups are wonderful to share teaching ideas and information. See the links below to find a support group in your area.

Online Academies Your link for information on support groups and online academies available in each state .

Homeschooling Recommended for support groups available in each state.

Home schooling is successful largely because a parent cares and wants to be more directly involved in their child’s education. With home schooling you can have a positive impact on your child and help them shape a successful future.


Nathan Cornelius, a home schooled seventh grader from Cottonwood, Minn., won the 17th annual National Geographic Bee competition, with remarkable knowledge about cities, countries, rivers and places around the world. The competition started with five million students nationwide. For beating out all of them, Nathan received a $25,000 scholarship.