When potty Training Set Backs Occur, Patience Is Key

Potty training set backs occur, your patience is key.

It is difficult to understand why your child who is doing so well and seems to be fully potty trained, or at least well on their way, begins to have accidents. Set backs are definitely one of the most frustrating times of the potty training process, but something that will happen with many children. Understanding what is causing the set back and your patience with your child will get things back on track in no time.

Remember, most children will take three steps forward and one step back as they learn the ins and outs of using the toilet. When accidents occur, remember that what is happening is normal, and that patience and understanding will give your child the confidence necessary to progress. Treat accidents lightly, and give your child reminders at key times of day such as after mealtime, morning and before bedtime.

Try to think of any changes that have been made in your child’s life that may have changed their routine, or may be causing them fear or confusion. Big changes such as a new baby in the family, moving, or changes at daycare are often the cause of potty training setbacks. If big changes are happening, it is all right to take a break while your child is adjusting. Or, try creating a reward chart with your child that will add fun and excitement to learning.

Your patience and willingness to accept potty training setbacks will help your child know that you are a team and in the end you can celebrate your success together.

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