Tricks to make your baby stop crying

Why do babies cry?

Many new mothers wonder why their baby is crying, or maybe why does their baby cry so much? Mothers with baby number two realize that there is no way around it. Babies cry, it is how they communicate, the key is to find out how to get them to stop crying. It can be frightening when a baby is crying and nothing is calming them. Panic sets in and without doubt mom is sure that something is seriously wrong with her precious baby. Why else would this sweet little angle be crying all day, and worse, all night?

Chances are, asking yourself the following questions and looking for a few signs will generally give you the answer needed to calm your baby.

  • Diaper change is needed? Some babies are fine in a wet or soiled diaper, while others demand a change the minute they mess.
  • Baby is hungry? Look for signs of hunger such as baby rooting for your breast, or baby fussing as soon as they finish eating. Babies will stop eating once they are full so give them a chance to eat as much as necessary.
  • Baby wants to be held? New babies are not spoiled, they just need a lot of love and cuddling. Just holding your baby close will often put them at ease.
  • Baby is too hot or too cold? Babies generally like to be warm and bundled. They tend to like one additional layer of clothing than an adult requires in order to be comfortable. On the other hand, babies do not like to be hot, so do not over dress them.
  • Baby is ill? Take your babies temperature to make sure that they are not warm. Make sure that teeth are not coming in, or that your baby is not grabbing at their ear. If any signs of illness are indicated, contact your physician.
  • Baby is over stimulated? Babies get tired and can become quite tired of noise, light, and too much attention. Take your baby to a dark, quite area, and see if your baby is just ready to sleep.

If you tried all of the above and nothing is working, get creative. Take your baby for a drive in the car. Try singing to your baby, or placing them in a baby swing. Maybe your baby is not comfortable in the position they are being held in, move your crying baby around and see if they have a preferred way of being held. Most important, keep track of what works so that next time you are ready. The sounds of a crying baby can wear on parents, but never shake or harm your baby. Always remember to remain calm when your baby cries, and if necessary, lay your baby safely in their crib and get some fresh air.