Moms Got Away From It All at the Scrapbook USA EXPO!

By:  Debby Hoffer

Moms got away from it all at the Scrapbook USA Expo! Held in Utah this spring, this scrapbooking event is truly one of a kind. Tracey Washburn, promoter and partner of scrapbook USA Expo, commented that “These women come from various parts of the country to get away and catch up on their family albums. Women rent hotel rooms and for them it is like a mini vacation.” Long tables for scrappers were set up in the exhibition center and many of the most creative scrapbook suppliers were there to demonstrate how families can protect and preserve those special family memories. can save Mom time and money is the latest in online scrapbooking store and can save Mom both time and money. If you don’t have time to glue and are tired of spending hard earned money on overpriced scrapbooking paper and stickers, easysite is the scrapping alternative for you! Developed in 2005 by Steve Sivulka for his wife Dianne, is the easy way to share family memories, recipes, and calendaring events through your very own family website. The best part about this online scrapbook is the fun you can have sharing with friends and family. Just follow the instructions and within minutes your family can have their very own online scrapbook. Easysite offers three online scrapbook packages. The basic package is free with upgrades running from about $5 to $11 per month. The difference between the free and upgraded packages is the special features as well as the number of pictures, videos, and audio files you can post to your site. Easysite is really fun with lots of online backgrounds, cropping tools and picture perfect stuff to help Mom create beautiful online albums. Of course, another great thing about easysite is the safe and secure way Mom can share her photos with loved ones. Each easysite comes with a web address as well as a member list which gives Mom the ability to limit who can access and post pictures to the family site. Fast, easy, safe, secure, and glue free! What more could a scrapbooking Mom want!

Heritage Makers offer High Quality Family Storybooks

If you’re a Mom that likes to show off a high quality book on the coffee table, then look no farther than Heritage Makers. Trudy Christensen, a consultant for the company, tells how anyone can create their own special family storybooks online. Made like a real book, Heritage Makers uses only high quality acid free scrapbooking paper and a superior binding that is better than most books you buy off the shelf. Moms can choose from a variety of high quality products that include storybooks, brag books, photo journals, family folds, and more! Trudy’s website can take even the most non technical savvy Mom through the entire process. Choose a product and you can download your pictures into your own special book with a variety of font options and layout designs. Heritage Makers uses a “drag and drop system” to perfectly position pictures on each beautiful page. Heritage Makers also offers tips and thought provoking questions to help each Mom better tell her own family story. Shipping is made easy with both regular and overnight deliveries available. When Grandma comes to visit, a Heritage storybook about the grandkids on the coffee table will be sure to bring smiles of surprise.

Create Pages that Speak with Speakin’ Up

Patented in September of 2006, Speakin’ Up can create scrapbook pages that speak. Imagine being able to preserve the sweet little voice of your four year old. That’s what you get with this thirty second voice recorder created by CEO, Christina Treu, of Technologies to Remember. This innovative recorder is six millimeters in size with a red recorder button on the back. To the side of the recorder is an enable and disable switch that allows Mom to record a special memory and then preserve it from being erased. The front of the recorder is covered with acid free scrapbooking paper and can be decorated to match any scrapbook page. To the front of the recorder is a small button that you press whenever you want to re-hear your special memory. Speakin’ Up retails for about $15 and is especially designed for those Moms’ who enjoy scrapbooking and want to preserve a memory that will be heard for generations.

Clip It Up Helps Moms Stay Organized

Clip It Up is an organizational device designed to help scrapbooking Moms stay organized. Tired of digging around trying to find that pretty paper you’ve got stashed in a box? Renee of Simply Renee couldn’t agree more and wanted to create something that would help Moms visually organize their scrapbooking stuff. Clip It Up is a round carousel with a metal ring on a rotating arm. It’s called Clip It Up because of the sturdy swivel clips that can hold three to five sheets of scrapbooking stickers and supplies for a total of 240-360 items. Each clip has a label so that Moms can organize and keep all the supplies in the appropriate section. Clip It Up is black and would sit conveniently on any scrapbooking table with a 12 inch wide base. An upper tier, sold separately, is nice for buttons and all the little stuff that scrappers love to use. Instead of shoving all that scrapping stuff into a box, for just about $60, Mom can just Clip It Up.

The Scrap Box is a Scrapbooking Dream

“Store your stuff in style” is the motto for the Scrap Box and this handsome armoire is anything but a box. It’s a beautiful piece of versatile scrapbooking furniture that is every Mom’s dream. It has rows and rows of storage space with 83 removable canvas totes for all that scrapping stuff. The Scrap Box has 20 plastic pockets with Velcro that will attach to a Velcro padded side door to keep all your latest projects handy. It comes in a variety of colors, designs, and solid wood finishes. It folds up prettily to hide all your crafty supplies. The Scrap Box comes with a collapsible work table, adjustable shelves and is portable so Mom can wheel it around as needed. The Scrap Box is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for up to one year and minimal assembly is required. It is a high end quality unit with a of retail price of about $1300. But hey, isn’t every scrapping Mom worth it!

Fall Scrapbook Expo is On the Way!

If you missed the spring Scrapbook USA Expo, be reassured that another one is on the way: The fall Scrapbook USA expo will be held September 28th and 29th in Salt Lake City, Utah at the South Town Exhibition Center. Check out the sites below for expo, hotel and vendor information. Stay in touch with as we strive to bring you quality information to help make every Mom’s life a little easier. This site provides hotel rates, vendor information and class registration for the fall Scrapbook USA expo . Set up your own online family website complete with family pictures, calendar and more! Find out more about Heritage Maker Products and create your own quality family storybook. Check out the Speakin’ Up recorder device that will help you create pages that actually talk! See the amazing Clip it Up<
/a> organizational tool and order one to keep all that pretty paper at your fingertips. “Store your stuff in style” with this remarkable piece of furniture. Give Mom the absolute best for all her scrapbooking needs and order a Scrap Box today!