Little Reader Learning System

What is it?

Little Reader is a reading program for babies and toddlers and takes just a few minutes twice a day.

Over the course of a year, your child will see 3,000 words in more than 180 subject categories, supported by over 3,000 pictures, 6,600 sounds files, and 460 videos!


Little Reader can also be customized, so you can replace the stock photos used with family photos or pictures of book and cartoon characters your child is familiar with.

Why will it help?

My background is 15 years as a teacher and through that time I have taught hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of kids to read.  I have always believed in using a multisensory approach to teaching – this is vitally important as each individual learns differently and  by using this approach ALL children can experience success and a growing self-esteem through the joy of learning.

I went through the Little Reader Learning System as a friend had been using it with their toddler and was raving about it!  I have to admit to being skeptical at first, but after reviewing the material in each daily lesson there is some really solid learning foundations which Little Reader follows.  A general breakdown of a daily lesson would be:

  • Word flash – the words that will be shown in the lesson are flashed on the screen
  • Multisensory – this section shows each word, then pictures and videos related to that word are shown
  • Picture flash – flashes the pictures shown in the multisensory section
  • Pattern phonics – the patterns consist of rhyming words to teach phonics, such as cat, pat, mat, sat
  • Sentences – stories with simple sentences are introduced about half way through the program

The sessions are quick and easy and all you have to do is sit with your child, repeat the words with them and join in with any actions.

Is it worth it?

Little Reader Contents

After trialling Little Reader, I can say that is has been hugely effective with both my toddler and one of my friends has been using it with her baby and is reporting great success.

You can get a free trial, so you have nothing to lose – I would recommend you give it a go – I love the Little Reader Learning System!