I Can’t Do This

By:  Debby  Hoffer

“I can’t do this” is a phrase that makes every parent inwardly groan as they watch their child struggle to master a math or grammar concept For home schooling parents, it hurts even more trying to fill the role of both parent and teacher. Teachers are supposed to have answers! But before you hit the panic button, home schooling help is here. These exciting new home school programs can help turn your child’s “I can’t” into “I can!”

Childnparent.com and the author have no commercial interest in these programs. They are presented only to help home school parent/teachers.

It’s “Math*U*See!

Math is a tricky subject, and most Moms have trouble keeping track of their car keys, so asking them to remember a math concept from yesteryear is just plain pointless. Thankfully, mom can put her brain at ease with Math*U*See, a home school instructional math program designed to teach children math so that it “finally makes sense.” The program has eleven categories with each category teaching a variety of math concepts that build upon each other in a firm and steady progression. Starting at the basic level with an introduction to basic math concepts, the program works up to more difficult math subjects such as geometry and pre-calculus. Children can take a placement exam online to determine which category is best for them.

Fun, multi-colored, manipulative blocks help younger and intermediate children understand math concepts through play. Teenagers preparing for college and real world experiences can benefit from the Stewardship course which teaches math and how it works in the real world. Subjects covered are Taxes, Real Estate, Banking, Interest and many others. A devotional topic is also part of the Stewardship course geared toward teaching teens the value of work, giving, contentment and consideration for others. There is even an Honors Book level for the child who enjoys math and needs more challenging, enriching material. Math*U*See is an exceptional product which can help both parent and child catch the vision of how fun math can be!

There’s Nothing Punky about Grammar Punk

Grammar Punk is a rebellious little program that has thrown out the lectures and note taking when it comes to grammar. Forget about having your child spend oodles of time memorizing all those picky grammar rules. Pick up a Grammar Punk package and watch them learn through fun dice games and creative writing processes. Created by an English teacher fed up with traditional grammar curriculum, this system teaches proper grammar in such a way that kids have fun learning and doing. The learning and doing regime actually helps kids retain more of what they learn.
Doing is more fun than memorizing, and Grammar Punk dice games require kids to “to create their own sentences, dictated by the Grammar Punk dice and story cards.” Grammar rules are practiced with each written sentence and grammar rules become part of the child’s natural writing ability. There are five Packages which cater to different age groups and each one is packed with quality curriculum materials. The K-9 package offers 6 sets of specialized grammar punk dice, 66 story cards, worksheets, and 180 pages of “lesson a day, exercises, activities, games and challenges.” There is a Creative Writing Course for older children and a Writer’s kit complete with all kinds of “writing how to’s.” They even offer a homework package so that children participating through traditional schools can reinforce their grammar skills at home. When it comes to learning grammar, this fun “punky” program really has it together.

Music is so cool with Classical Cool

Bach, Beethoven, Brahms; it’s not the usual selection to be found on an I-pod, but Classical Cool is a music program that just might change your child’s opinion. Developed by pianist Debbie Rowe and published composer, Dr. Rulon Christiansen, this unique program teaches lyrics filled with composer facts to the tunes of the composer himself. Children sing facts about Beethoven, while listening to Beethoven. By listening and singing, children are able to retain more information about the music and the composer.

Classical Cool is designed with the home scholar in mind. Courses come with singable, fact-based, fun lyrics with matching games. Also included are “performance scripts, a book with full piano accompaniment, facts at a glance sheets on each period and composer, a CD package with classical music set to learning lyrics.” The lyrics help each child master facts about the composer. Teaching music at home can be very scary for a parent, especially for those who are not musically inclined. Classical Cool makes teaching easier for the parent/teacher. Teenagers can plug in their I-pod and sing along to find out all about Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Having a classical experience in the home, even teenagers can come to see that classical is really cool!

Get Your Game On with the Pocket Professor

Okay, so you gave in and bought your child a Nintendo Game Boy. Chances are that your child plays it so much you fear any minute they’re eyes are going to glaze over with video game addiction. Well Super Mom to the rescue with Pocket Professor KwikNotes, designed to help your child learn world history, geometry, algebra and other tricky subjects on a game boy. Yes, you did hear right, actually learn something on a game boy. The Pocket Professor offers cartridges on Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, United States Government and many other educational subjects. It gives home and traditional schooled children the “ability to quickly and efficiently solve those day-to-day schoolwork problems.” It also allows you to get surprising value out of that expensive game boy. There are even special features for adults such as Adult Education and GED Preparation. For those who are military bound, the Military Entrance Exam Preparation feature can help any future soldier get a boot in the door. So get your child’s game on, and when the game is over, have your child plug in the Pocket Professor. After all, he’s no good just sitting in your pocket.

Getting into college is a cinch with Zinch!

Want your home schooled grad to get into Yale or Princeton? Well, it can happen with Zinch! Zinch is an online collage portfolio package designed by Mick Hagen, a Princeton Tiger himself. With Zinch, your graduating child can create a custom portfolio complete with pictures, GPA’s, extra-curricular activities and other eye-catching information. College recruiters can log on to the site and view your grad’s awesome abilities. Recruiters can target those students who are a good fit for the school. Students can target colleges, with a cool Shout Out feature that enables the student to send their personal portfolio to colleges of they’re choice. Students can view college profiles on Zinch to determine which ones are best for their educational goals. There is even an e-mail feature that helps your grad organize college admission offers. The personal part of the custom portfolio is designed to help students shine by showcasing their extraordinary talents and skills. Collage recruiters get to know more of a person behind the portfolio face. All of the data is private with passwords to protect and guard. Only college admissions officers are allowed passwords to search the Zinch database for future students. This online product is very organized and so easy to use.
It really is a cinch with Zinch!

Home schooling your child is easier with quality programs that help teach, guide and inspire. Creative learning games, fun stories and singing songs should be part of your children’s curriculum. Every child deserves a quality education and with great programs and a caring parent/teacher your children will become all that they can be.

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