Extra! Extra! Baby on the Way

Sharing the good news with family and friends is one of the most enjoyable parts about pregnancy. My brother called me at work minutes after his wife took a positive pregnancy test when they were expecting their first child. He couldn’t wait to tell someone. My neighbor Tina, on the other hand, did not start spreading her pregnancy news abroad until she was seven months along — and could no longer hide the bulge.

There is no right when or how, to share the news. Some people like to wait until after the first trimester when they have already seen their doctor and there is less chance of miscarriage. If becoming pregnant is going to keep you from regular activities, such as a job that requires lots of heavy lifting, or exposure to strong chemicals, you will want to let those involved know right away.

My cousin, Sarah, chose Thanksgiving Dinner to share her news. Her son came dressed in a t-shirt that said, “I’m the big brother”.

Holidays can be a fun time to let people know you are expecting by giving special Christmas gifts marked “Grandma”, or sending the news in Valentines.

Though you are excited about your pregnancy, there are some people it may be awkward to share it with. I was intimidated to tell my boss about the coming birth of my first child, since I hadn’t worked at the company very long. So, when my boss asked if I knew my vacation plans for the summer I told him I would be taking maternity leave in July.

It might also be hard to share the news with friends or family members who have lost a baby or had trouble conceiving. Be sensitive to their feelings, but remember leaving them out of this exciting part of your life will hurt them more.

Some people will make insensitive or unkind comments about your impending motherhood. Don’t let them dampen your mood, it’s your body, your baby and none of their business.

And now my confession — I am expecting my fourth child. Yes, that is more than the average family, which is great because I always wanted a lot of kids.

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