Choosing the Right Preschool Program

Summer is here, schools have dismissed children for the year, kids are getting into summer activities, and mothers and fathers with toddlers are thinking about a preschool program.

Choosing the right preschool can be a long and difficult process that involves many important factors. Once you feel that your child is ready to start a preschool program, it is important to decide what you are looking for in a preschool.

We interviewed several mothers to find out what was at the top of their list when looking for a preschool for their child to attend. Their answers varied widely. One mother was looking for a preschool that provided mostly a social atmosphere for her child who did not have any siblings at home. Another was looking for a full time preschool that was close to her office. Other parents were looking for the preschool activities and preschool theme that would offer challenge for their child. A large number of mothers were looking for an accelerated school that would help their child be very prepared for kindergarten, or possibly help them to skip a grade in the future.

One thing all of the mothers polled agreed on is that finding a school that met all of their needs was not as easy as they had hoped, not to mention that some schools had waiting lists of up to three years and price tags of up to $800+ per month.

We have listed some advice from mothers who recently found the perfect preschool in hopes that your search will be simplified.

Start with friends and neighbors
You will be surprised to hear all of the positive and negative experiences that your friends and neighbors have had with their child’s preschools. Ask around to find a few highly recommended schools that you may want to look into, and those to stay away from.

Contact the Elementary School
Many Elementary Schools will be able to give you a list of preschools that they recommend. Getting in touch with a Kindergarten teacher is always very helpful, as they generally have seen the results of many schools.

Visit the schools that you are interested in
Take you child and visit different preschools. Ask questions about the school’s curriculum, and pay attention to how the staff interacts with your child. Tour the school to see what the classrooms are like and pay special attention to how your child responds to the atmosphere.

Parents find that once they do their homework they are very likely to find a preschool that is perfect for the needs of their child. Remember that all children are different, they have unique ways of learning, and finding a preschool program that they get the most value from, will put them on the right track for their education.