Children’s Ear Infections

By: Vanessa Lee

Recognizing ear infections in children

You may start to notice that your child is irritable, tugging at their ear, not sleeping well, has a fever, or has thick yellow drainage from their ear. Any or all of these symptoms may indicate that your child has an ear infection, also known as Otitis Media. These symptoms may occur 2 to 7 days after a cold or other respiratory infection. Bacteria cause 65% to 75% of ear infections and the rest are caused by viral infections.

It is important to have your Physician examine your child to determine what treatment is necessary in treating your child’s ear infection. If a child with an ear infection appears very ill, is younger than age 2, or is at risk for complications from infection, the Physician may prescribe antibiotics. More options are avaliable in children older than 2. In older children, your Physician may have you watch the child for a few days, as 80% of ear infections clear up on their own.

While your child’s ear infection is clearing up, try using an over the counter pain reliever suggested by your Physician. Applying heat to the ear with a warm washcloth may also help to ease the pain. And as with any illness, make sure that your child gets plenty of rest to encourage the body to fight the infection.

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