Bazbie Kids by Gigi

Bazbies are the brainchild of soft toy artist, Gigi . Bazbies are lovingly hand crafted with hand embroidered faces and only the softest of plush fabrics are used in their creation.

Bazbie Flower

The Bazbie Flower is a fun way for your child to experience the wonder of nature in the form of a very huggable soft toy . The Flower Bazbie features the same large inquisitive eyes of the buddy framed by petals of brightly colored flannel .The bodies are made of soft fleece and a velvet-like fabric. Both designs are stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill and are machine washable and dryable. Care has been taken during their consruction to ensure the safety of each toy for your child.

Bazbie Buddy
The Bazbie Buddy is a lovable creature featuring three ears,large inquisitive eyes and a slightly forlorn expression guaranteed to melt your heart. They come in a variety of rainbow colors . Their bodies are made using a plush microfiber fabric that is very soft and a wide variety of print and solid corduroy is used for the ears.The different fabric textures are very appealing to children and great for the tiny ones to explore.

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Gigi Grubaugh , each Bazbie is truly a  one of a kind creation

at Bazbies by Gigi.