Baby Proof Your Home in 7 Steps

By:  Destiny

Do you have a new baby and are you wondering how to baby proof your home in the very safest way?  Take a look at the seven steps listed below to find out how to do this so your baby is safe from hazards in your home.

It can be challenging to keep your baby safe but it is a good thing to do—even before bringing the baby home.  Check out these seven steps to making sure your baby is as safe as possible and read as much as possible about baby safety so that you can begin to keep your home safe.

Seven Steps to Baby Proofing

Step 1: Make a checklist of items to do.

Go through each room on your hands and knees with a notebook—writing down those things you think a baby can get into.  Pay special attention to cabinets, drawers, staircases, electrical cords and electrical outlets.

Step 2: Keeping the crib safe.

Keep all fluffy items out of the crib, including fluffy blankets, comforters, stuffed animals and pillows.  Make sure you remove bacteria from the crib by spraying it down with disinfectant.

Step 3: Keep poisons and toxins out of baby’s reach.

Make sure all toxic chemicals and medicines are out of the reach of baby.  Put them up or store them in the garage or in locked cabinets.  Keep over-the-counter and prescription medication in a locked and secure place.

Step 4: Keep disposable diapers and trash away from the baby.

Garbage, including diapers, can cause disease so they should go in a locked cabinet or out in the garage where baby cannot get to them.  Use a special diaper disposal unit that seals each diaper away from baby’s fingers.

Step 5: Use child safety gates.

Use new child safety gates on the top and bottom of all stairs and in front of rooms and areas you don’t want the baby to get into.  This can avoid many potential accidents.

Step 6: Keep Emergency Numbers Handy.

Keep all emergency numbers, including that for Poison Control, in an area where you have access to them at all times.  Don’t forget to include the hospital and doctor’s numbers.

Step 7: Be vigilant about keeping track of baby.

Even the best baby proofing doesn’t prevent all injuries.  Keep an eye out on baby at all times and be prepared to act swiftly if he or she is getting into something they shouldn’t.

What you really need to remember is that keeping baby safe is a matter of baby proofing your home, watching baby at all times and educating the baby to make sure he or she learns what is acceptable or unacceptable to do in the home.  Don’t forget to do your baby proofing from a baby’s level and think like a curious baby when you do this.

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