Adoption: Where is the Starting Place?

Adoption can seem complicated and difficult even after the personal decisions have been made. Luckily there is plenty of help! Books, magazines, church and other organizations offer help and guidance. They often remind all people interested that adoption is a lifetime process. We would like to suggest that adoption is a lifetime of reward. Check out the four resources listed here for your starting place for adoption.

Adoptions with Love
Non-profit, private adoption agency. Experienced, with 20 years of successfully helping birth parents and adoption parents. Sensitive, professional staff caring for the needs of all involved in the adoption process.
Among the most popular adoption services on the web. Lists many free community services. A good information site for unplanned pregnancy support. Adoptive families information center and guidance. Convenient local information by state.

Childrens Welfare Information Gateway
U.S. Government information site for birth mothers and for adopting parents

The Adoption Guide
An adoption information resource provided by Adoptive Families Magazine ®